Jean-Claude Goldberg is an artist living and working in Paris, France.  

Jean-Claude Goldberg picked up a pencil when he was 5 years old, started to draw and found that he couldn’t stop. Much has changed in his life since then, but that urge to create has never gone away. 

He was born into a tense world in pre-war Paris in 1939, saw the Nazis invade, was sent to a sheltering Catholic home and from there to an orphanage. He survived, but members of his close family were murdered.

His contact with American soldiers and the promise that America held brought him to New York in his early twenties. He spent ten years there, making a name for himself as an art director during the “Golden Days of Advertising”. He returned to Paris in 1974 with an American wife, an American passport and as the Creative Director of Doyle Dane Bernbach/Paris, the newest branch of the New York agency.

But Jean-Claude never seized to be an artist, and over the years his commitment to the vision and skill of a painter only grew deeper. Subject matter emerges from daily life. He sees individual strength and purpose everywhere from the wind-blown Jewish men facing the elements on the winter streets of Brooklyn to the connection between a discarded and downtrodden people and the soft drink cans lying crushed in the city streets. 

Jean-Claude Goldberg’s work has an extraordinary human quality, literally and metaphorically. He tells stories with his brushes and pens, tales of the human and environmental condition. His work has been shown in private exhibits in Paris, New York, and Massachusetts where he resided and painted for 15 years until 2020 when he returned to Paris, yet again.

Jean-Claude Goldberg paints the pictures from what he sees today and from the stories his mind’s eye captured from long ago.

For more information on Jean-Claude Goldberg's work, price lists, commissions or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.  


1998 - Solo show at YeshivaMuseum in New York City – large-scale work

2000 - Solo show at Adelphi University Soho CenterGallery, 14 large scale-drawings on paper.

2000 - Groupe Show at Gallery Emmanuel, paintings,and drawings

2001 - The Jerusalem Mayanot Gallery in New Yorkrepresents Goldberg’s work

2002  - Solo show at the Gallery 8 in Paris, large-scaledrawings

2003 - Solo show at the Gallery 8 in Paris, large-scaledrawings      

2010 - 212 Gallery in Aspen Colorado representsGoldberg’s large-scale paintings

2011 - Group show at the Morrison Gallery in Connecticut New England, 7large-scale paintings    

2011 -  Solo show at the Cynthia ReevesProjects in New Hampshire.

2016 -  Groupeshow at the Holly Hunt Gallery in New York City, 5 paintings 

2016 -  Groupeshow at Twyla in Miami Art Basel, 5 large prints

2017 -  Solo show at the Saint Francis Gallery inLee, Massachusetts

2018 -  Solo show of drawings and paintings atthe Saint Francis Gallery in Lee,Massachusetts 

2018 -  Summer show in the Saint Francis Galleryin Massachusetts.

2019 -  Group show at the Bernay Fine Art in theBerkshires, Massachusetts

2019 -  Summer group show at Bernay Fine Art in inthe Berkshires, Massachusetts

2019 -  Summer show at Saint Francis Gallery inLee, Massachusetts

2020 -  Showingnew work at the Bernay Fine Art in the Berkshires, Massachusetts

2021 -  Drawing show of new work at Saint FrancisGallery in Lee, Massachusetts 

2021 -  Solo show at Miami Ritz Carlton Gallery,8 large-scale paintings

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